Questions you should ask recruiters
July 11, 2022

10 Questions You Should Ask Recruiters

If you’re currently looking for a new job, you may be considering working with a recruiter. The skilled team at AHK Accounting Recruiters is dedicated to providing each one of our clients with comprehensive recruiting services. We deeply understand the importance of finding the right fit for both you and your future employer. 

The more you know about the recruiting process, the more comfortable you’ll feel throughout the interview and hiring process. Understanding your recruiter’s role in the hiring process will ensure your job search is as successful as possible. This is why we’ve gathered the top 10 questions you should ask your recruiter. 

1. How long have you been looking to fill this position?

This is one of the first questions we advise you to ask your recruiter. The answer will give you insight into how many candidates may already be going through the interview process. 

If the position has been open for only a few days, the hiring manager will likely be in the very early stages of hiring. In the case the position has been open for numerous months or even up to a year, this could be an indicator that either the hiring manager doesn’t know what they want in their next hire or that no candidate has deemed this role as a good position. 

2. Is this a new position? 

You should know whether the position has been newly created by the company or if it is an old job that needs to be filled again. Though there is no wrong answer, this will let you know if there will be certain expectations placed on you. Expectations to either perform similarly to the last person who filled the position or expectations to take on leadership within the new role. 

To follow up, ask why the last person left the job. If they were promoted, you can then ask what made them great at their job which will potentially give an upper hand during future interviews. 

3. How soon does this position need to be filled?

This question will help you determine how quickly the hiring manager is looking to fill the role. Knowing whether or not you have time to keep working in the meantime can save you money. Hiring managers can hire months in advance or be looking for a position to be filled immediately. 

4. What is the hiring manager’s estimated budget?

At some point during the hiring process, you’ll want to know how large your salary could be. If you’re expecting a similar or higher salary than your current one, it’s important to bring up the hiring manager’s estimated budget. 

This is a great way to gather information without sharing private details about your previous salary. Depending on if the estimated budget aligns with your salary expectations, you can determine if the position is worth pursuing. 

5. For how long and how often do you communicate with the hiring manager?

You should know how long your recruiter has been working with the company’s hiring manager and how often your recruiter communicates with the company’s hiring manager. The answers to this question gives your further insight into how effective your recruiter will be in helping you secure the position. A top notch recruiter should have a strong professional relationship with the hiring manager and be in consistent communication. 

6. What are the top skills the company is looking for?

This is one of the best questions to ask in order to decide if the position is a good fit for you. Knowing the skills your future employer is looking for can also help you make a resume that stands out. Additionally, you can use this information to guide your answers during the interview stage. 

7. What would my everyday work routine look like if I were hired?

Asking what your day-to-day work routine will look like is a good opening to talk about the job description. The answer to this question should give you an idea as to what the role entails on a daily basis. Will you be working independently or in a collaborative environment? Will your time be spent at a desk or in meetings? Is the company flexible and offer remote options? 

8. What are the company’s values?

For many people, it’s incredibly important for a company’s values and culture to reflect their own. Does the company support diversity and inclusivity? Is it a family-like environment or an extremely professional one? What are the company’s top three priorities and long term growth goals? These are all vital factors to take into consideration when applying at a new company. If their goals and mission align with yours, this not only gives you a competitive edge during interviews, but it also demonstrates a much higher likelihood of the position being a good long-term role for you. 

9. What does the interview process look like?

Asking about the interview process is a wonderful way to prepare yourself mentally. It can also help you have a better understanding of how quickly to expect a call back and how many face-to-face interviews you will have to complete. You can follow up by asking your recruiter about what types of questions you could face throughout your interviews. 

10. Is there anything else you think I should know about the hiring manager, company, position, or interview process?

This is a great last question to ask at the end of your first meeting with one of our recruiters at AHK Accounting Recruiters. This gives us a great opening to bring up any other useful information you may need or want to know.

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