Benefits of creating a diverse workplace & how to effectively achieve it
August 1, 2022

5 Benefits of Creating a Diverse Workplace & How to Effectively Achieve It

Building diversity in the workplace begins with the recruitment process. AHK Accounting Recruiters believes in providing clients with the most highly trained, effective candidates. There are many benefits to creating a diverse workplace such as encouraging employee engagement, increasing profits, improving hiring results, and much more. 

Benefits of Creating a Diverse Workplace

1. Workplace diversity creates an innovative and creative work environment 

Studies have proven that diversity in the workplace increases both innovation and creativity. Hiring people with unique backgrounds and experiences creates a much more inclusive environment to share ideas. When you hire candidates who think in different creative ways, there is a much higher chance of employee and company growth.

A diverse work environment greatly increases innovation as well. With many different perspectives, worldviews, educational backgrounds, ethnicities, and more, your company will be exposed to new, innovative ways of thinking.

2. Promotes positive company values

Having positive company values helps improve office morale, motivation, communication, unity, and financial performance. It’s essential for a company to have very clear and precise company values that align with the reasons for starting the company in the first place. 

Diversity is a core value for many companies due to its many benefits and tremendous advantages. If a company places value on inclusiveness and diversity, they are much more likely to prosper and flourish in the long term. 

3. Encourages different perspectives and a wide variety of unique skills

Different diversities in the workplace means that your company will have a melting pot of different perspectives and a wide variety of unique skills. This can lead to quicker problem-solving, growth opportunities, and effective decision making. As a company, it’s important to celebrate your employee’s differences and encourage each of their valuable strengths. 

4. Increases company profits

Companies that prioritize diversity achieve greater profits. Extensive research across the globe has shown that companies who place value on diversity tend to be top financial performers in their field. This is likely the result of their ability to make more well-informed decisions. 

5. Improves hiring results and reduces employee turnover

Candidates often research future employer’s before or during the hiring process. If they see that your company encourages diversity, they may be more inclined to apply. This can draw in some of the most educated, experienced, and qualified job candidates. 

It is an extremely beneficial asset for a company to have in order to see candidates apply from multiple diversities. Additionally, diversity in the workforce reduces employee turnover and creates an environment that fosters long-term professional relationships. This can give your employee’s a feeling of acceptance, value, and belonging that makes your company positively stand out. 

How to Effectively Achieve Diversity in the Workplace

Now that we’ve established the many benefits to creating a diverse workplace, you may be wondering how exactly your company can effectively achieve this? Here are our top seven recommendations for how to increase diversity within your company:

1. Hire a recruiter

Creating a diverse workplace begins by hiring the right candidates. Therefore, having an unbiased recruiter is one of the most effective ways to achieve diversity in the workplace. Recruiters, hiring managers, and any other company officials involved in the hiring process should hire based on qualifications, experience, education, and employee values. To avoid bias, it is advised to consult with outsiders during the hiring process who have your company’s best interests in mind. 

2. Celebrate employee diversity

Employee differences should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated. This creates a positive work environment and encourages your employees to use their skills in creative ways. There are many ways to celebrate employee differences including celebrating different holidays, supporting employee’s cultures, creating equal growth opportunities, being accommodating, and offering employees a safe space to bring up any concerns with HR. 

3. Make diversity a top company value

Making it clear that diversity and inclusion are key parts of your company’s mission will make you stand out. You can make this clear by adding your company’s values and backstory to your website, social media, and job opening descriptions. 

4. Create internship & mentorship programs

Internships, scholarships, and mentorship programs are an amazing way to bring in top talents from under-represented groups. Offering equal opportunity to people who simply need a chance to shine and showcase their skills can bring in some of the best candidates to eventually fill positions within your company.

5. Conduct diversity training

Diversity training can bring awareness to your company’s biases and blindspots. Once you have a deeper understanding of the positive changes that can be made, you can begin to take this knowledge and break down any barriers to diversity. This is critical for creating a diverse, respectful, inclusive, and positive workplace. 

6. Incorporate diversity into everyday company practices

It is possible to incorporate diversity into your company’s everyday policies and practices. Make sure diversity is being effectively achieved through regular audits, performance reviews, and communication with employees. Diversity practices can be incorporated in company promotions, benefits, hiring, leadership, and so much more.

7. Offer bias training & create strong anti-discriminatory policies

Bias training, sensitivity training, and anti-discriminatory policies can all help make your company a safe space for under-represented groups. Your company should always be striving to encourage and foster diversity instead of tearing it down. The work environment your company creates will be directly reflected in your performance. 

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