5 ways to improve your accounting resume
March 9, 2023

5 Ways to Improve Your Accounting Resume

If you are searching for an accounting job, you may want to consider different ways to improve your current resume. 

In order to attract the attention of potential employers, you first want to position yourself as best as possible. Giving your resume a thorough review before submitting any applications will help increase your chances of getting hired. 

Try these resume improvement tips from our team of accounting recruitment experts, and start getting noticed today!

1. Remain present

Although you can learn something from every new opportunity, that doesn’t mean they all belong on your resume. To stand out from other applicants, you want to feature your most recent and relevant professional experiences. 

The more updated your resume is, the more likely you will hear back from a potential employer. Before submitting an application, take the time to remove any outdated or unrelated positions from your resume. This not only helps improve overall readability, but also ensures your existing skill sets are effectively highlighted for the employer.

At AHK Accounting Recruiters, our accounting staffing agency in Ontario caters to all accounting professionals in different stages of their career. From entry-level candidates looking for their first opportunity to industry veterans with decades of experience looking to make a leap into the C-suite.

2. Avoid generalizing

A resume is an employer’s first impression of you as a professional and how you will fit within the role they are hiring for. With this in mind, you must take the time to outline the specific skills and responsibilities required in your previous positions. 

Whether you are new to the accounting field or have years of experience, you want to include as much applicable information as possible. Include any paid or unpaid internships, temporary or contract accounting jobs, along with any volunteer work related to finance. There is no limitation to the type of experience you can include as long as it is suitable for the job you are applying to.

Don’t sell yourself short by generalizing your experience. Always be specific about the different accounting positions you have held and how those skills are transferable to this particular role. 

Some skills to specify include:

  • Standards of accounting: Demonstrated understanding of standard accounting principles, such as financial recording, reporting, and statement preparation.
  • Knowledge of regulatory standards: Understanding regulatory standards surrounding corporate and public finances, ensuring compliance in meeting financial reporting requirements and integrity in accounting.
  • General business knowledge: Knowing how different industries outside of accounting work to better serve your employer and/or potential clients.
  • Software proficiency: Knowing how to work with and manage various software required to complete accounting tasks. 
  • Data analysis: Understanding how to extract information from raw data and then use it to create informational financial reports.

As an accounting staffing agency in Ontario, we work with our candidates to identify their strengths. We help them harness their skills, attributes, and experience to find the ideal fit for them.

3. Match the job description

Considering there is a significant amount of overlap within the accounting field, your skills are usually easy to transfer from one role to the next. However, your professional experience holds very little weight during the hiring process if an employer never sees it. 

A common mistake potential candidates often make when applying to a new role is neglecting to highlight the sought-after skills in their resume. Before clicking “submit”, ask yourself if the required skills are effectively highlighted on your resume. 

Given the volume of applications employers typically receive, you want to find ways to make your experience stand out. An effective method for accomplishing this is to mirror the wording on the job description in your resume. Taking the time to cross reference your job description with your current resume could make a difference between getting hired or not. 

4. Be mindful of wording

How you present yourself on paper goes a long way in landing a new job. While accounting is typically all about crunching numbers, it is crucial to think about the wording of your resume when trying to get hired.

You should take advantage of strong, active verbs when describing the contributions you made in previous roles, such as “supervised”, “analyzed”, or “balanced”. These types of punchy words not only draw attention to your resume but can also help condense the descriptions in each section, making it easier to read.

It is important, however, to avoid over-selling your skill set or falsifying your existing qualifications for a role. There is a huge difference between being able to quickly learn on the job, and claiming to know how something works when you don’t. 

After making any changes to your resume, proofread (and possibly have someone else proofread) for clarity, spelling errors, and potential typos. 

5. Emphasize your certifications

Becoming an accountant is not any easy task. A significant amount of time, money, and effort went into receiving your certifications—it’s time to show them off. Not every accounting position will require particular certifications, if any at all. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from including them on your resume. 

In addition to demonstrating you have the necessary knowledge and skills to complete the expectations of a given role, your certifications also show a commitment to professional development and long-term career growth. Employers aim to hire candidates who are committed to their craft and desire to extend their professional experience. 

We understand that certain qualifications can appeal more to larger organizations than startups or to particular industries more than others. Our accounting staffing agency in Ontario knows that unique education and competitive experience can help showcase the drive of a young, hungry candidate.

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