6 Ways to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn
March 15, 2021

6 Ways to Get Noticed by Recruiters on LinkedIn

Even though unemployment rates are on the decline and finding work is seemingly easier than it ever has been in the past, the market for the best jobs and greatest opportunities still remains as tight and competitive as it has ever been.

With the advent of the internet and social media, the hiring process has become more complicated than ever before. No longer is it as simple as sending in a cover letter and resume. In fact, you may need to have a strong online presence, professional-looking job pages, and even personal websites and portfolios to stand out from the rest of the crowd and catch a Toronto accounting recruiter’s eye .

One excellent channel for finding work is via LinkedIn, a site dedicated to professional networking and job-hunting. But it’s populated with huge numbers of people in the same boat, making it difficult to stand out to the recruiters browsing the site.

Here’s how you can get noticed and find the job of your dreams.

Make the First Move

The first thing you can do, rather unintuitively, is to forget passively waiting for opportunities to find you and instead search out your own opportunities. After all, recruiters will have their pages and contact information on the site.

While it can be daunting to reach out directly, it can also pay off massive dividends. Try finding company recruiters on LinkedIn and then messaging them about your interest.

The words you send should emphasize why you’d be a good fit for the organization or position and you should add in your resume and a customized letter detailing your interest and your suitability for the job.

Keyword Craze

The next thing you can do is to spruce up your career summary with keywords that will grab the attention of recruiters.

Often prospective employers will search the site for skills and qualities they’re looking for in a new hire like experience with a computer program or a degree in a related field, like accounting.

Include mention of these core elements in your career summary – the section which appears at the top of your profile. Make sure to leave it short and succinct too, no longer than 300 words so you don’t scare people off with walls of text.

Any details that make you different or unique should be included here.


Another really important thing to do is to network with others. Find other people who work in your field and connect with them to increase your total spread on LinkedIn.

In this vein, it can make you seem more genuine if you participate in discussions beyond just adding yourself to a group or adding a new friend. Join in on discussions, adding professional comments on what others are saying or praising new changes in your field.

Try to post news that’s relevant to your industry, ask people who are in the field you want to be how they got into the field. The more people you know, and the more significant your presence is, the more you’ll stand out and the easier it’ll be to find the opportunity of your dreams.

Remember to take your time with these posts. You want to appear intelligent, articulate, and wildly passionate about the jobs you’re interested in.

And when it comes to connection building, don’t rule out executives or entry-level positions. Professionals at any level will help your profile seem well-rounded and with ties in useful places while boosting the chance of your profile being seen.

Get Those Recommendations and Endorsements

Put your recommendations on the site. This way you can put out the positive praise you’ve received and advertise yourself with more genuine, neutral sources.

Each recommendation will appear on your profile as well as the profile of the person who wrote it. As a result, when someone writes you one, you can expect that recruiters will be able to see it. They’ll scrutinize these comments to determine your worth, so make sure to include the ones that highlight examples of your successes and contributions in the workforce. Make sure to only use recommendations from professional connections that have first-hand experience and can vouch for your work.

To get more recommendations consider writing them for others. They’ll likely want to reciprocate and with a little bit of elbow grease, you can make your profile shine.

In a similar vein, it’s useful to get endorsements. These are also visible on your profile and essentially act as people vouching for your skills in specific work areas, like communication or excel proficiency.

Like recommendations, endorsing others can be a good way to inspire them to endorse you back, boosting your presence on the site.

Display Yourself Professionally

Another easy trick to get attention is to portray your online presence as professionally as possible. Having a photo on your page instantly makes you more personable and stand out more to employers, but you also want to make sure that the photo you use is well-suited for a professional environment and that it emphasizes your best features. A professional headshot should work. And don’t forget to smile!

It can also be prudent to get a cover image. This is your chance to display a little more personality, but remember to keep it appropriate for the workplace. 

Update Headlines

The headline is the first thing that will show up beside your name in search results. You can leave it as your latest title, but consider adding more details to increase your chances of getting noticed.

For instance, you might want to talk about the fact that your writing niche is content writing. This could end up in a headline that reads “writer with a professional focus in content.” 

Closing Thoughts

Standing out from the crowd takes time, but the rewards you’ll receive are well worth it. With a couple of changes and a few leaps of faith, you can be well on your way to shining on LinkedIn.

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