Tips for making your resume stand out
April 20, 2022

7 Tips for Making Your Resume Stand Out

Writing a perfect resume could be a difficult job. It is said that it takes about 20 seconds for your resume to make the right impression. Your resume should be nearly perfect to stand out and not land on the pile of rejected applications. 

It should have all your qualifications and relevant work experiences written in a well-worded format. A strong resume successfully conveys your goals and why you might be a good fit for the company. 

Here are some tips for writing a clean and sharp resume to land an interview at your desired company

1. Add a summary section

Write a summary of your career goals in simple words. A summary is the attention-grabbing part of the resume and needs to be well-written. It should market your skills effectively and prove your worth to the hiring manager in a short period. 

Your summary should not exceed 150 words and must be placed at the very beginning of the resume. Using goal or objective statements in a resume has become a thing of the past.  

Most career experts have recommended replacing your goals statement with a summary. It is only required if you are making a career jump and would like to explain the reason on your resume. 

2. Incorporate industry words

Include keywords in your resume that you find in the job description. This is essential because companies nowadays use software tools to screen applications based on keywords. 

Since companies are usually flooded with resumes daily, they take the help of certain automation tools which will track certain keywords relevant to the job and select only those applications. 

A smart way is to manipulate the wordings of your resume according to the roles you are applying to. Make sure not to saturate your resume with heavy keywords as it will make a bad impression. 

3. Include specific data and numbers

Your resume should be a reflection of your achievements in your previous roles. The best way to show your achievements will be to include the numbers and data of results you have achieved instead of making vague statements. These numbers could be sales figures or revenue you brought into your previous companies.

Quantifying your accomplishments will give a thorough picture to the employers of what you can get to the table. They can also set certain expectations for your capability and future in their company. The numbers look factual and work as evidence of your accomplishments.    

4. Use the right fonts and colours

Your resume should not be used as a canvas to display your creativity and designing skills. It is supposed to be clear, concise and formatted accordingly. A professional resume uses black colour for writing and white colour for the background. Use a legible font that can be read easily.

The average font size is 12. The most common font families used are Arial and Times New Roman. Keep your resume simple and short. Do not use fancy font styles and colours. 

5. Check grammar and writing

Make sure that your resume is error-free. A grammatically wrong summary on your resume can be associated with laziness and unprofessionalism. Your resume can be written off as disqualified if you have made any spelling or punctuation errors. 

Make sure you double-check your resume for errors and typos before sending it out. You don’t want your qualifications overlooked because you forgot to put an apostrophe. Avoid inconsistencies in your writing style. Opt for bullet points rather than paragraphs. 

6. Highlight your skills and experience

Write comprehensive points for showcasing your technical and other job-related skills—highlight both hard and soft skills on your resume. According to the job description, prioritize your skills and expertise relevant to the job. 

Similarly, emphasize your past experiences directly related to the job you are applying for. Do not forget to include interpersonal skills like the ability to work in teams, communication skills and critical thinking, as they are important to showcase your personality. 

7. Provide genuine information

Although this almost goes without saying, it’s important to stress that your resume should contain correct and recent information about you. Do not exaggerate your expertise and skills, as it may look fake to your employers. 

Avoid lying about your experience or qualifications. You will risk losing your job in the long run and will always be under the stress of someone finding out the truth. 

The claims made on your resume should be backed with proof and evidence. Even your references should be valid. Do not provide contact information of your family members as your professional references. This makes you a bad hire who cannot be trusted by an employer. 

A good resume solves a major hurdle in getting that job you have always been eyeing. It brings you a step closer to your dream company. You only need to make some efforts at the beginning for a secured career in your desired company. 

Certain rules have to be followed that align with the industry standards to do so. With proper guidance and research, you can make your resume stand out. 

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Ailia's background in accounting played a key role in his decision to make a career change into recruitment. The skills he has learned as an accountant go far beyond his professional career. By acquiring strong analytical abilities, assessing financial risks, and evaluating organizations’ internal processes has given him the ability to make sound financial decisions in his personal life with good judgement. His decision to shift his focus to recruitment is driven by his passion to helping others achieve the same level of skills and guiding them to opportunities that will only help to accelerate their experience.

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