Tips for screening job candidates
March 30, 2022

7 Tips for Screening Job Candidates

The process of recruitment can be exhausting and draining on your resources. Having a streamlined process can ensure your evaluation is done accurately and in an expedited manner. 

If you end up selecting the wrong candidate, it could cost you more in the long run.  On the other hand, choosing the right employee will bring you a fortune in better productivity and high employee morale. 

Every firm has a unique process, but some steps are crucial to any hiring process. Here are some interesting tips to make your screening process easy and swift.

1. Accurate job description

A job description is the first thing that the candidates notice. You need to make sure that it is properly framed and positively reflects your brand. It should give sufficient details about what the candidate must do and what skills are required. It is always smart to analyze the job before creating a description. 

This way, you will ensure that every aspect of the job is reflected in the job description and attracts the right candidates. Candidates who don’t connect with the job description will move on from the job posting, and you will get a narrowed-down list of responses. 

2. Cover letters

A well-drafted cover letter shows that the candidate has carefully followed the job posting instructions. It is the first impression of the candidate’s profile. You can check the writing style, personality and goals of the candidate. It should outline the ambitions and career plan of the candidate. 

A good cover letter should be concise and well written. It allows the candidates to convey why they must be hired. This will help you uncover certain skills required for the job but are not included in the resume. 

3. Applications and qualifications

Since you will be faced with a bulk of applications, you will need a system to review the qualifications and background of all candidates. Check if the candidate’s resume meets the core requirements of the position. 

You can easily eliminate applications that do not match the qualification requirements of the firm. Also, the candidates who have less amount of experience than needed for the role can be eliminated. 

4. Phone screening

You can save your recruiting team’s time by phone screening the potential candidates. A candidate’s true identity can be assessed via phone screening rather than just on paper. You can take the opportunity to clear up any confusion regarding the candidate’s resume. 

You can easily weed out candidates who may not be right for the job and move through the process faster with the right ones. The phone screening is an implicit way of matching the candidate’s expectations with your organization’s proposal. 

5. Ask the right questions

The interview of the candidate is a prominent part of the screening process. Asking too many personal questions could portray your company in a bad light. Stick to simple and direct questions which are relevant to the position.

Other than job-specific questions, you can also ask some questions that bring out the candidate’s personality. You can also take note of the candidate’s interpersonal skills during the interview process. 

6. Assessment tools

Depending on the type of job, you can ask the potential candidates to send work samples or take some online tests. The screening process gets easily automated by these assessment tools. 

They can verify if the candidates can perform the tasks stated in their resumes. The devices can be personality tests, cognitive ability tests or aptitude tests. Moreover, the work samples will give you a fair idea of the candidate’s skills and experience. 

7. Background checks and references

Background checks are an effective way to verify the credentials of the candidates before hiring them to be part of your organization. You need to protect your company against bad hires and not accept candidates based on how they appear on the surface. 

A fraudulent employee can cost your company so much more than money. For this reason, background checks could include qualification checks or criminal records checks. This process makes sure that the candidate is legally fit to work in your company. 

A detailed screening process can be used to avoid the risk of hiring bad candidates.  At AHK Recruiters, we understand the struggle of going through a tedious hiring process to get the best candidates for your organization. Sit back and let our accounting recruiting experts guide you through hiring. We have been advising our clients in Ontario, particularly in accounting and helping them find their desired candidates. 

For more information about recruiting the best candidates, call AHK Accounting Recruiters at 833-399-1663 or contact us here.

Ailia's background in accounting played a key role in his decision to make a career change into recruitment. The skills he has learned as an accountant go far beyond his professional career. By acquiring strong analytical abilities, assessing financial risks, and evaluating organizations’ internal processes has given him the ability to make sound financial decisions in his personal life with good judgement. His decision to shift his focus to recruitment is driven by his passion to helping others achieve the same level of skills and guiding them to opportunities that will only help to accelerate their experience.

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