How to enhance your LinkedIn profile easily?
January 10, 2022

8 Easy Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn has become the top social networking platform for career development and job seeking. It has connected countless professionals to employers who are looking to hire, and has helped many reach their goals. Even if you haven’t found a job on LinkedIn yet, you may have been able to reach out to colleagues or build a network of co-workers who can help vouch for your talents later on.

Whichever the case, LinkedIn is definitely a valuable resource for both employers and industry professionals looking to advance in their career. If you are on the hunt for a new job or looking to get your career started, you may be wondering how to improve your LinkedIn profile so that it attracts potential employers. Keep on reading to find out some of the easiest ways that you can do this and stay relevant on LinkedIn.

1. Add your picture

Like the old saying goes, “A picture is worth a thousand words.” It’s a good idea to put a face to the name if you want potential employers to remember you. However, it’s not enough to just put any old picture. 

Put your best face forward by using a profile picture that is professional, clear, and high quality. It will ensure that you look the part of a knowledgeable business professional before they even get to the rest of your profile. LinkedIn profiles that don’t have a picture (or have the wrong picture) can lack personality, seem impersonal, or give off the wrong impression. Make your LinkedIn profile personal by showing that it is truly you.

2. Switch to public

Switching your LinkedIn profile to public means that more people can find and connect with you. This means that your profile will also show up in searches for recruiters who are looking to hire. Don’t miss out on opportunities by keeping your profile private.

3. Input location

Let employers and recruiters know where you are located so that they can contact you about jobs in your area. If they are not sure where you are, they may be hesitant to reach out and you could lose out on opportunities. Adding your location will also make your profile show up if someone searches by location. All in all, this just makes it easier for you and others if ever you would like to meet up with a potential employer or colleague in the area. Another tip is to create a custom URL for your profile so that it’s easier for others to find it.

4. Use keywords and highlights

When creating your LinkedIn profile, keep it streamlined and readable, and don’t add anything that isn’t relevant or that can be considered filler. Stick to the keywords and highlights, and delete any unnecessary skills or experiences that aren’t relevant to the type of job you want. Put your most important and current skills at the top of your profile so that it tells an accurate story of who you are and what stands out most.

5. Personalize your background

Every profile needs a bit of customization and creativity. Show your skills by adding a personal background to your profile. This can tell potential employers a bit more about you without using words. Stick to a professional image that relates to your brand, so anyone who comes across your profile will certainly be impressed by the added effort and attention to detail.

6. Don’t waste space

Think of your LinkedIn profile as precious space that sums up your professional life and aspirations. Use your headline space wisely, as this is one of the first things that people will see. Think of something that you can say to sell yourself while being concise.

Don’t waste space with filler words and meaningless jargon. Include a summary of your talents, and really focus on the things that you excel in most. You want your profile to be easy for employers to read, so don’t waste precious space (or time) writing paragraphs of information that aren’t easily digestible.

7. Add recommendations

A recommendation on your LinkedIn profile is similar to a review. It means that someone is willing to vouch for you and confirm that you are indeed skilled at what you do. This can mean a lot to a potential employer and gives your profile credibility. Reach out to past employees, colleagues, or teachers who can give you a glowing recommendation and take your LinkedIn profile to the next level.

8. Update regularly

While no one expects you to spend every day or countless hours on LinkedIn, it’s a good idea to routinely check your profile and update it when necessary. Set aside some time every week or every few days to engage with others and build your brand. Once you get the ball rolling and your profile starts showing up in searches, you can start to benefit from better engagement and wider connections.

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