8 Recruiting Tips to Hire Star Talent
April 26, 2021

8 Recruiting Tips to Hire Star Talent

So you’re looking for new employees. Despite the job market’s general tilt towards the employer’s side, it can still be hard to find the right talent for you. You have to nail down exactly what skills you’re looking for and attitude and soft skills. Next, you have to create a hiring process that can attract the talent you’re looking for and then, most difficult of all, you have to review the piles of applications you receive and somehow decide who would be best suited to your team.

Even if you do this, there’s still the possibility that you hire someone who’s a layabout or doesn’t live up to expectations. Thankfully there are things you can do to make sure you get the star talent you’re looking for. Keeping these measures in mind will have a tangible impact on performance, with better workers leading to better work – take it from us, a recruitment agency in Ontario!

Create a Clear Job Description

The essential thing to do at the very start of the process is to create the job description. You want to make one that is clear, realistic and accurately describes the role. It should include specific characteristics, tasks, and skills needed. This should give you a clear checklist to help you gauge your interviewees’ skills, providing you an objective measure when sorting through all the available talent.

By taking this step seriously, you can clarify your needs and weed out the applicants who don’t meet your requirements. It might prevent unqualified candidates from applying entirely, saving you time and effort while more broadly increasing the quality of the applications and resumes you receive.

Recruit Aggressively and Constantly

You want to be continually looking for new hires that will do a good job. If you’re in a competitive field like finance or accounting, you can expect the top candidates to be snatched up within seconds of them hitting the market.

Combined with a somewhat low unemployment rate, it means that positions can be hard to fill with the best talent, so you want to be proactive and forward in attracting potential candidates to work for you. 

Look for Diversity

Often it can be easy to overlook someone because of assumptions about their personality based on external identifying characteristics. However, you should avoid this at all costs, as diversity is a boon. Numerous studies have indicated the productivity and professional benefits, so just jump in. The more varied opinions and worldviews you can get in your workplace, the better, because this will increase your ability to come up with innovative solutions to the challenges of the future.

Upgrade Company Messaging

Make sure to update your company messaging. Job seekers looking at potential employers will often seek outside information about the company, whether this is about what we do or in the ‘meet the team’ pages. You want your company to have a consistent brand across all platforms as job seekers will be looking to learn as much about your company and its culture as they can. 

In practical terms, this means you should revamp your pages to demonstrate why top talent should work for you. Emphasize the perks and advantages of working for your company and use testimonials to present your company as a fantastic place to work. As an example, you might want to highlight the areas of employee recognition and growth as many new hires are interested in skill and career progression. This relatively simple change can bring in a whole new world of candidates for your company to consider. 

Use Outside Help

It can make sense to call in outside help, like AHK Accounting Recruiters. While you don’t want to rely on a recruiter too heavily, the fact of the matter is that companies like ours are solely focused on getting the best possible candidates into your workplace.

Over the years, we’ve built up extensive rolodexes of potential hires and the techniques to attract these people in. Hiring a recruiter can save your company an absurd amount of time and money, two resources you can’t get enough of.

Don’t Overlook Soft Skills

Another area not to ignore is the importance of soft skills. While you might naturally be looking for specific technical skills and understanding, the value of soft skills is their ability to contribute to the team. Someone with good teamwork skills can participate actively, coordinate things appropriately, and generally be a great cultural fit, boosting your company’s performance.

Try to Innovate

If traditional methods fail you, it may be time to look at more innovative methods. There are tons of alternative strategies for finding candidates. One example is the use of artificial intelligence. Using A.I. to sift through talent pools becomes easier than ever to pull in the best candidates. What also makes sense is to look at employee referrals or recruit off college and university campuses. These can provide some of the best workers with lots of room to grow.

Measure and Revise

Once you’ve gone through this whole process, it’s time to measure and revise what worked and what didn’t. Look at metrics like time to hire, cost to hire, offer acceptance rate, retention rate and turnover rate. Review what worked with each of your candidates and figure out the best-optimized system for you.

Final Thoughts

Finding star talent can be both easy and difficult. You can do measurable things to improve your chances of finding top talent, including clearly defining your job description and using outside help where possible. If you incorporate as many of these strategies as possible, you’re bound to see some hiring success.
For more help finding the star talent that will really help your company shine, call AHK Accounting Recruiters at 833-399-1663 or contact us here.

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