Debunking myths about recruiters
August 9, 2021

Debunking 6 Myths About Recruiters

To many, the actions of recruiters can seem inscrutable and mysterious. It isn’t clear what purpose we seem to serve beyond acting as a middleman between hires and their potential jobs. What we do, though, is so much more than that. The processes involved in recruiting are unbelievably complex, and with our years of expertise, we know exactly how to do it in the precise right way so that both employers and employees prosper.

However, not everyone knows this. That’s why we’re here to help people find their path and, also, why we felt we just had to debunk some of the myths that people hold about recruiters. Read on to see what they are!

Not Worth the Price

One major sticking point for many is the matter of price. Simply put, a lot of people feel that our services aren’t worth the cost. In reality, though, the exact opposite is true. In fact, partnering with staffing agencies and recruiting firms can, at the end of the day, save organizations untold amounts of money.

The first aspect is how it can pay off simply by grabbing the most talented people for the job. Human resources are the lifeblood of any organization, and with them you can see an insane return on revenue.

Another area to consider is the fact that we’ll be saving your employees’ time putting together their job search (which they’ll likely not do as well as a dedicated agency like ours). Again, time is money and you want to save both, but not cut corners where it counts.

It’s Easy to Hire

While on paper the job seems pretty easy (just find people, talk to them, and then translate that into success), the nitty gritty of it is actually much more complex and requires careful moment-to-moment analysis, adjustment, and a constant understanding of the broader picture.

Even just making a job posting on a popular site isn’t enough to find the employees you want. They can circulate only in limited circles, meaning that you won’t be able to vet the broadest group possible—specifically, passive candidates—those that could be great job candidates, but who are not actively looking at your job postings.

We can help with this aspect, especially in terms of social recruiting. Not only is this more effective, but with the right expertise, it can be an extremely powerful tool for the good of your organization.

Recruiters Are Rude

You might assume that someone whose entire job is to convince people to come to your company might be rude or give off a bad vibe. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Any recruiter worth their weight in salt is going to know that the best way to attract people is with sugar rather than bitterness.

Sure, we’ll make calls and take a strong lead, but we’ll never push or make your prospective employees feel pressured; after all, we’re just matchmakers here, not all-seeing gods. However, don’t worry about giving a bad impression because we’ll guarantee that you make the best one possible at all times.

So, you’re getting free PR for your company and our job hunting talents. What’s not to like?

You Can’t Find High-Level Employees

Another pervasive myth is the idea that you can’t find any employees who are at a high level and that all workers you hire won’t be good enough.

In fact, staffing firms use rigorous screening, interviewing, skills testing, and background/referral checking on everyone we push through to you. You’re getting a guarantee of top-notch work with all the difficulty stripped right out of it.

This applies to temporary workers too. While there will be entry-level workers if needed, a lot of higher-level workers also find themselves looking for temporary positions due to their desire for flexibility. Professional positions like accounting and finance are filled with these types of workers, so whether you’re in it for the long haul or the short term, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.

Firms Only Verify Job Skills

While job skills, expertise, and experience are fundamental parts of any new hire, there are also many intangibles that we consider in finding work for the companies we work with.

Company culture, as anyone will tell you, is absolutely vital to healthy functioning and high performance. That’s why we’re here: when given insight into your culture and what you’re looking for, we can help narrow down the search even more.

We can check that values and culture are clearly advertised, and that such culture-fit questions are asked during the interview process. We can use our social ties to vet them in non-professional settings to see how they do; this way, you’re getting someone who is a professional and personal fit for your organization.

Recruiters Don’t Care

We’re not doing this job just for the money. We’re here because we care, and while we may have goals in mind, that doesn’t mean that we’re just going to grab anyone willy-nilly to fill a slot. We work with as much passion as you do for your own organization, and in doing so, we hope to find fits that work for both the employee and employer in the long run.

The Final Word

There’s a lot that recruiting firms do, even if it’s not clear right on the surface. At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we do our job well and you can trust us to find you the talent you need at a cost, but one that is worthwhile with many benefits and future returns.

By now, you probably have a lot more clarity about what recruiters really are. While myths and misconceptions can remain, eventually the light will shine and you’ll see us for what we are: services that help you get what you want and need. So, if you’re up for taking a leap of faith, reach out to us at 855-630-0383 or contact us through our convenient web portal here. We’ll handle all your finance and accounting recruiting needs.

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