How using a finance and accounting recruiting firm saves you time and money
October 20, 2022

How Using a Finance and Accounting Recruiting Firm Saves You Time and Money

Regardless of whether you’re an employer or hiring manager within the finance industry, you understand the strenuous cost and energy that filling a position can have on a business. Perhaps you’ve even considered using a finance and accounting recruiting firm to assist in the process but weren’t sure about the full range of benefits.

While it might seem like the right decision to keep hiring in-house, you run the risk of missing out on advanced marketplace expertise, better resource allocation, targeted candidate selections, and overall improvements to your business’ employment cycle. 

At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we know how much wasted time can go into the recruiting process, which is why we’re so passionate about our work and its ability to save your organization valuable time and resources. 

Before you attempt to fill your next position, consider these advantages of using a finance and accounting recruiting firm in Ontario.

Minimize the Cost of Keeping a Position Open

Everyone knows that time is money, and wasted time can be costly, like keeping a position open for too long. Hiring a finance and accounting recruitment firm not only helps reduce the amount of time spent filling a position but also minimizes the recourse and effort required by your own team. Ensuring the position gets filled quickly and efficiently with a qualified candidate means you can get back to business as usual faster.

The main focus of our team is putting a tremendous amount of effort into reviewing and vetting each candidate that we meet. Our quality work not only helps us avoid wasting time but also ensures each resource is used to benefit the hiring process.

Catch the Attention of Those Who Aren’t Searching

Some of the best talent can be missed during the hiring process because they aren’t actively looking. Typically, potential candidate pools are built from applications that were submitted by current job seekers. However, recruiters have the ability to connect with passive candidates who better fit the position you’re hiring for—they simply aren’t aware of it yet. 

As a leading finance and accounting recruiting firm in Ontario, we know how disappointing it can be to pursue a position that isn’t the right fit or doesn’t match your qualifications. That is why our vetting and review process leads to recommendations towards only the jobs that are the best fit for that specific candidate.

Gain Access to Insider Knowledge

Recruiters have access to industry knowledge that is often otherwise out of reach for hiring managers. With years of experience and ongoing exposure to current trends, finance and accounting recruiting firms are able to provide invaluable marketplace expertise.

Having the most up-to-date knowledge of employment data and industry trends can mean the difference between securing the best candidate possible or settling on someone less qualified for the job. Hiring the ideal candidate will help reduce costs in the long run, minimizing training time and wasted management efforts.

Our team at AHK Accounting Recruiters offers a detail-oriented approach and vetting process that is centred around evaluating both the candidates, as well as organizations and the roles they seek to fill, in order to ensure the best fit is chosen.

Decrease Turnover Costs

One of the worst things a business can do is invest precious time and money into training a new hire, only to have them leave the position a few months later. In these circumstances, you’re forced to start the whole process over again, likely spending more money while burning through additional resources.

Hiring a finance and accounting recruiting firm can help avoid this issue by combining industry expertise with job alignment and vetting. Professional recruiters have the time, resources, and knowledge needed to make sure the employee is a good fit for your organization before you take on the costs of hiring them. 

In our experience, one of the main things that can consistently lead to a disconnect between candidates and employers is expectations regarding cultural fit, growth opportunities, and professional development. That’s why at AHK Accounting Recruiters we spend so much time getting to know both the candidates and the employers in order to help bridge this gap better.

Reduce Overtime Expenses

When you’re waiting for a position to be filled, it often means one or more employees are completing those tasks in addition to their own roles. Being short-handed impacts every aspect of your business, slowing response time and possible production output. 

Ultimately, this leads to longer days for your staff, and overtime for those individuals who are managing the extra workload. A finance and accounting recruiting firm can help you find qualified candidates quickly, who require minimal training, and can move into these positions seamlessly.

The personalized interviews and assessments that we use at AHK Accounting Recruiters help candidates and employers not only find a wider range of potential fits, but also connect with a candidate or organization with similar wants and needs.

Improve Employer Reputation

Today, your reputation goes beyond brand image. With the convenience of social media and websites where employers can be reviewed openly, there is now an increased need for transparency. Sometimes, internal management may have difficulty taking an objective look at particular roles, and, as a result, cannot identify hidden challenges that candidates may face.

Experienced finance and accounting recruiters have the expertise to identify these blind spots. This will ultimately help to inform the selection process and find candidates who possess the necessary skill-set to succeed. In the long run, this will benefit you by resulting in continued success, increased morale, and a higher likelihood of retention. 

Our team of recruiters at AHK Accounting Recruiters has spent years focusing on the accounting and finance industries. We are all incredibly knowledgeable and detail-oriented when it comes to identifying the skills, qualifications, and personal attributes needed to succeed in accounting and finance roles.

What happens next?

Finding the ideal candidate is only the beginning. Each new candidate must be recruited, interviewed, and, ultimately, hired. Every step in the process comes at a cost.

However, it doesn’t have to come at a great cost or waste of time. By using a finance and accounting recruiting firm, you gain valuable access to the insight, expertise, and experience needed to fill your company with the most qualified candidates available. 

Utilize our resources to find your next great hire, and start getting back to what’s most important: your business. 

To start finding the best candidates for your position today, call AHK Accounting Recruiters at 833-399-1663 or email us at

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