Pros and cons to traditional hiring: Why resumes and cover letters may be an outdated method
November 24, 2021

Pros and Cons to Traditional Hiring: Why Resumes and Cover Letters May Be an Outdated Method

It’s a classic tip you see nearly everywhere in the world of employment. Make sure you have a good cover letter. And make even more certain that your resume is fine-tuned to each job you apply to.

But just because everyone says it’s so doesn’t mean it is. Sometimes old thinking just ends up becoming the norm, even when it’s no longer useful or helpful in your mission to accomplish your goals.

No, you need to use every tool at your disposal, and that may include branching out from traditional methods to try something completely new. And here’s where we tell you whether those old modes of operation have become outdated. Read on, lonely sailor.

They Haven’t Become Outdated

Let’s cut to the chase. While the world of work is ever-changing, this is a situation where if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it.

Yep, despite what some people may hope and wish, the reality of the world is that resumes, CVs, and cover letters are still the bread and butter of HR practices and hiring operations.

They’re not going anywhere soon, so make the best of it. Learn how to do the best you can with what you’ve got, and you’ll be sure to be the sterling diamond resting on top of the pile of coal.

If you need help and guidance in this endeavour or just want the edge to become the best you can be, why not try out the professional and informed services of a group like ours, AHK Accounting Recruiters?

But In Some Ways They Have

Yet, the picture isn’t quite as clear as either side of the argument may make it seem.

There is some truth to the idea that finding a job requires more than the traditional method, but at the same time, there’s also truth in the statement that they are still core.

Well, what does that mean then? If you’re applying through the traditional route of job postings and long lists of qualifications and required experience, then yes, you’re going to need a resume and a cover letter.

After all, we have yet to find a better way to distill someone’s professional essence and personality than through these two methods, and this is something you have to get good at if you want to find jobs the traditional way.

The emphasis is on IF you want to find jobs the traditional way.

The hiring and recruiting function in many companies has been completely eviscerated and turned on its head. The majority of jobs nowadays come not from the traditional job posting methods but rather through head-hunting and people actively hunting you down.

Sometimes employers will advertise jobs they don’t yet have available to lure in potential applicants for future appointments. Or even better, they focus on having a passive tunnel of constant applicants from which they can pick and choose the best people at the best times.

The implications for people like you looking for a job are enormous. In many ways going the traditional route may not be as effective as it once was.

Instead, it makes sense to try to stand out at your job, to make a splash, to network, and to accomplish things that grow your skills until you become an unstoppable juggernaut that any company will be hungry to devour.

Another thing that’s important to know is that many companies are outsourcing their work. That means that they’re taking advantage of recruiters to scour LinkedIn profiles and the vast tunnels of the interwebs to line up potential applicants for the jobs that are being posted.

Many of those people aren’t actively looking for a job but find themselves pulled into one anyways.

That’s right. Social media is important for something. That being its ability for you to project a positive and outgoing image that draws recruiters to you.

Then, if you’re doing this right, the jobs will just fall straight into your lap. You can see then why resumes and cover letters aren’t necessarily as important as they once were.

It’s not because they’ve become any less effective at fulfilling their purpose. It’s that entire system in which it operated might no longer exist in the future to the degree it does today.

So, What Should I Do?

Well, this information may not be that useful to you if you’re out of work and looking for a job now.

While things have shifted towards passive recruitment, the fact of the matter is that sometimes you just need a job.

So don’t sacrifice yourself at the altar of something you don’t yet understand or cannot fully utilize.

Continue sending out the job applications the traditional way and searching for job postings. And when you have the time to do so, work on polishing your professional image and work with recruiters to find hidden jobs you might not see otherwise.

The Last Word

So this article has likely given you quite a bit to chew on and think over. It seems you’ll still have to do some job applications the old way, at least until the new paradigm comes into play and truly overturns conventions.

And it also isn’t something that can be immediately actionable on your end. Sure there are things you can do online today, but you still have to wait and hope that people discover you.

Still, this isn’t something to get down about.

After all, there’s a whole world out there, eager to see you and all the amazing things you can offer. So stride forward with confidence, knowledge, and skill, and you’ll be sure to do fine.

Still, professional insight and guidance can be a comfort and help, so why not reach out to us at AHK Accounting Recruiters if you want to up your game?

To learn more about why your resume or cover letter might be outdated, call AHK Accounting at 833-399-1663 or contact us here.

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