Why Your Company Should Use a Recruiter to Find Your Next Accountant
June 21, 2021

Why Your Company Should Use a Recruiter to Find Your Next Accountant

While many people would agree that looking for jobs is stressful, the process of recruitment also places a lot of stress on companies.

If you’re the employer, hunting down the individual who’ll meet your company’s needs can be a fraught experience, from the job posting to interviewing, short-listing who you want and then making the crucial decision. Considering you may be taking on someone for a very long period of time, in a move that could cost the company hundreds of thousands, it’s critical that you choose the right candidate.

However, as a company you have tons of other plates to spin, meaning that you won’t be able to dedicate your undivided attention to the task in the way a dedicated recruiter can. If you want the best candidates in the easiest possible way, you may want to look into getting a recruiter. Here’s why.


The biggest reason is simply the massive talent pool that recruiting firms can access. This is primarily because many of the best candidates for the role won’t necessarily be out seeking jobs, and thus might miss your posting and never even send in an application.

In fact, many top-tier candidates don’t need to be on the prowl, combing through job boards, because recruiters will contact them directly for job opportunities of all kinds. Recruiting firms build a large pool of top-quality candidates from all walks of life to present to companies.

They won’t leave any stone unturned and will offer a talent group that is way above and beyond those in the normal open job market. Rather than waste countless hours cycling through subpar candidates, why not use the power of a strong recruiting group and get the right people for the job delivered straight to your inbox?

Save Time

Another important aspect to consider is how much time can be saved by going through an external outlet. Time is money in the world of work and any way you can cut down on wasted time is another bit added to productive revenue-generating work.

If you enlist a recruiting company you can skip the entire hiring process, cutting out so many steps and so much effort and consultation, it’s unbelievable. So that’s one way you’re saving time.

Another way using a recruiter saves you time is that you’ll be able to fill the role faster, again helping with productivity and cash inflow. These agencies have access to massive talent pools, so they don’t need to spend so much time looking for a candidate to match your company’s needs.

Plus, they’re able to devote 100% of their time to this pursuit. Combine these two things and you’ll find that recruiters can fill open roles much faster than you can, which means you can get someone through the door and contributing to the company super fast.

If you want to save your employees’ time as well as shorten the full cycle of the recruitment process, then a hiring group is the way to go. You’re getting quality and quantity in one refined package.

Guaranteed Protection

Another great thing about using a recruitment agency, if you’re still not convinced, is that many of them will offer guarantee periods.

Basically, if the hire doesn’t work out for whatever reasons, you won’t have to pay them and they’ll start the search over for you. That’s right, with this there’s essentially no risk for you when it comes to hiring. You either get someone suited for the position or the hunt continues at no cost to you.

So, it’s essentially like any probation period, except that it doesn’t cost your company time and energy because it’s all handled externally and in a way that ensures you will get the best talent or they’ll die trying. Of course to make full use of this, make sure to set realistic goals and milestones for the new hire so you can measure their performance.

Assessing Need

One last point to make outside of the advantages of hiring a recruiter is whether or not you actually need one. For sure, it will come with the benefits mentioned above, but you have to consider yourself whether these benefits are worth the price tag.

If you’re the type of company that hires only once or twice a year, then you probably don’t need a dedicated recruiter on your team, so it might make sense to open the door for an agency to jump in and handle the whole recruitment process.

However, if you tend to hire more regularly, say, once a month, you may have someone who already handles recruitment. However, an agency can still free up their time and lighten the screening load, cutting down the chaff so you can review and test just the best of the best.

And if you hire frequently, say, almost all the time, an agency may be helpful. If you have a whole recruiting team then you may not need one but if you need to hire a lot and you’re not able to afford an HR team like that, this is where an agency can step in and become a full-service suite for your recruiting needs.

Closing Thoughts

Some of the many advantages of hiring a recruiting agency have been outlined here. The main benefit is the fact that you’ll be able to get a much richer and better pool of candidates at a faster rate. Since your human resources are the lifeblood of your company, recruiting externally ensures you get the best.

However, you may still be struggling to find a reputable recruiter that will provide you with top-notch service, amazing opportunities, at a reasonable price. To streamline the hunt, we recommend trying our services at AHK Accounting Recruiters. We’re an accountant recruitment agency in Toronto that offers high-tier candidates for your business.

If you would like to learn more about using a recruiter to find your next accountant, call AHK Accounting Recruiters at 833-399-1663 or contact us here.

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