Our team of experts work with you in helping you achieve your goals. With so many fluctuations in the job market, we understand it can get extremely difficult to find a position in a field where you have invested much of your time and money potentially building a career. Let us help you expand your search through our network of connections. We cater to all accounting professionals in different stages of their career. We acknowledge your needs and wants, and open doors of great opportunities. Our guidance, expertise, and experience will assist you in paving a clear path to attaining your goals.

As we do with all our candidates, we identify your strengths so you can use it to stand out amongst a pool of applicants. And, we work with you every step of the way to help you turn your weaknesses into successful attributes.

Interview Walk Through:
An interview is more than just discussing your experience. It’s all about fitting in with the team. We recognize that each individual is unique in their own way. Your ability to harness those skills, attributes, and experience is what makes you different. We facilitate each step to ensure you go in with confidence.



At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we understand the importance of managing your time. Big media exposure for job postings on job boards will only flood your email with hundreds of resumes and calling candidates for interviews only to find they don't fit the organization, as a result taking time away from completing your daily tasks. Time is extremely valuable. Let us be the helping hand in finding you the perfect candidate. Our recruiting experts will work with your firm to connect you with talented, ambitious, experienced professionals.

We take great interest in building a long term partnership with our clients. Our experts take the time to understand the values on which our clients operate on, and the type of employees they see fit. Being a leader in the staffing industry, AHK Accounting Recruiters have a great understanding of what an accounting professional possesses. Thus, making it easier to work with clients and connecting them with great people. We are confident that we can help you fill each role with the right candidate.

Our process of referring great professionals is of significant value to each employer. We ensure to learn everything about our candidates. In turn, providing a full detailed analysis (summary) and highlighting achievements that help companies make a well informed decision about a candidate before committing to scheduling an interview.

Staffing Process:

1. The company overview:

We truly appreciate working with each employer. As such, we invest our time in learning and understanding the various aspects of the business. From key players in the organization to understanding the core culture of the company, we analyze the features that make it desirable.

2. Vacant Role:

Understanding the key components of the position will help us narrow down our search for candidates. As we are the experts in staffing accounting positions, we understand the experience and skills required at various levels, which helps us to generate a detailed and precise summary of the role.

3. List of Candidates:

Employers want somebody who will be more than just another employee. When approaching professionals, we recognize their value, personal characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses in assessing fit, in addition to their experience. We send you complete profiles of all suitable candidates that will add immediate value to the organization. A careful and well thought-out decision is always placed when referring the right candidate to the right firm.

4. Interview Schedule:

We schedule all interviews and help you throughout the entire hiring process. While the ultimate decision is of the employers to hiring a candidate, our experience and recommendations have always played a positive role in easing the decision of the employer.

5. Candidate turned Employee:

A decision to hiring an individual can be exciting for both, the employer and the candidate. We’re always thrilled to helping all parties involved and making a positive impact on the business and on someone’s life. We ensure the transition is smooth and efficient. From contacting references, to signing off on the employment letter, and everything in between, we will be there every step of the way.

Our Services:

Our services extend out to all accounting and finance positions within industry and public accounting.
We excel at staffing various positions at different levels:

CFO, VP of Finance, Director

CFO, VP of Finance, Director


Senior Manager


Accounting Manager




Property Accountant


Junior to Senior Staff Accountant


Junior to Senior Financial Analyst


Tax Specialist


Clerical Accounting roles

Administrative Roles:

  • Office Manager
  • Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
  • Bookkeeper
  • Executive Assistant

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