At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we understand the importance of managing your time. Big media exposure for job postings on job boards will only flood your email with hundreds of resumes and calling candidates for interviews only to find they don’t fit the organization, as a result taking time away from completing your daily tasks. Time is extremely valuable. Let us be the helping hand in finding you the perfect candidate, allowing you to focus on core operations and standard business. Our recruiting experts will work with your firm to connect you with talented, ambitious, experienced professionals.

We take great interest in building a long term partnership with our clients. Our experts take the time to understand the values on which our clients operate on, and the type of employees they see fit. Being a leader in the staffing industry, AHK Accounting Recruiters have a great understanding of what an accounting professional possesses. This makes it easier to work with clients across different industries, and connect them with great candidates. We are confident that we can help you fill each role with the right candidate, and our results continue to go above and beyond our clients’ expectations.
Let Our Recruiting Experts Help You!
Our process of referring great professionals is of significant value to each employer. We ensure that we’re able to learn everything about our candidates, through in-depth, personalized discussions and assessments. In turn, we provide a thorough, detailed analysis (summary) that highlights candidate qualifications and achievements that help companies make a well informed decision about a candidate, before committing to scheduling an interview. Rather than a standard resume and cover letter, you get a more detailed analysis that’s been vetted and built around the needs of your specific role and company, beyond a simple job posting. While other larger, traditional companies rely on data analytics that adhere to a standard framework, we hear again and again from employers that this only compiles a uniform collection of candidates to interview. Not to mention this can’t possibly take into account employee personalities and cultural fit, let alone some of the intangible qualities that can stand out to an interviewer – or their coworkers – right away.
We Focus on Quality Over Quantity
Rather than focus on the quantity of candidates alone, which can often take more time and resources from an employer without payoff, at AHK Accounting Recruiters we focus on quality employees with the qualifications and personality to fit your role and organizational culture. We conduct personalized discussions and interviews with potential candidates so that we can refer them to you with confidence – and, with a thorough, detailed summary that helps you, too. These traditional companies very rarely have years of experience focusing on the accounting industry in particular, whereas AHK Accounting Recruiters has focused on the accounting industry specifically for years, allowing us to improve and refine a staffing process that consistently goes above and beyond the expectations of the employers that we work with. We’ve heard from employers who are surprised that interview candidates cannot complete basic functions on Excel, let alone keep up with a more demanding accounting role. That’s why we vet the candidates we send to you, not just with standard interview questions that they can find anywhere online, but with tasks and projects more fitting of an accounting role, to more thoroughly judge their skills and qualifications. That way, you spend less time eliminating people from your list of potential candidates, and more time separating the good candidates from the ones who truly amaze you. We often tell employers that, rather than spending a day on 20 disappointing interviews, we’d rather they spend their day on 10 impressive, meaningful interviews that will leave you with a lot to think about. You can read more about our unique staffing process below.
1. The company overview:

We truly appreciate working with each employer. As such, we invest our time in learning and understanding the various aspects of the business. From key players in the organization to understanding the core culture of the company, we analyze the features that make it desirable.

2. Vacant Role:

Understanding the key components of the position will help us narrow down our search for candidates. As we are the experts in staffing accounting positions, we understand the experience and skills required at various levels, which helps us to generate a detailed and precise summary of the role.

3. List of Candidates:

Employers want somebody who will be more than just another employee. When approaching professionals, we recognize their value, personal characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses in assessing fit, in addition to their experience. We also vet our candidates thoroughly to ensure that their references support the information that they provide, and speak highly of their qualifications and their personal characteristics. We send you complete profiles of all suitable candidates that will add immediate value to the organization. A careful and well thought-out decision is always placed when referring the right candidate to the right organization.

4. Interview Schedule:

We schedule all interviews, and help you throughout the entire hiring process. While the ultimate decision is of the employers to hire a candidate, our experience and recommendations have always played a positive role in easing the decision of the employer.

5. Candidate turned Employee:

A decision to hire an individual can be exciting, for both the employer and the candidate. We’re always thrilled to help all parties involved and make a positive impact on the business and on someone’s life. We ensure the transition is smooth and efficient. From contacting references, to signing off on the employment letter, and everything in between, we will be there every step of the way. Our process is not yet complete until a candidate you’ve hired begins work at your organization.

If you’re looking to improve the quality of the candidates your company spends your valuable time getting to know, then don’t hesitate to contact us at your earliest convenience, or give AHK Accounting Recruiters a call at 1-855-630-0383. Spend your time focusing on the best possible candidates, rather than spotting immediate red flags. Recruiting quality candidates to accounting roles in particular is what we do best, and we can’t wait to help you improve your organization from within.
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