At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we’re passionate about connecting talented, qualified and hard-working accounting professionals with successful, reputable organizations. We’re former accountants, financial analysts and recruiting specialists too! But we’ve also spent years focusing on the accounting and finance industries in particular, so we’re incredibly knowledgeable and detail-oriented when it comes to identifying the skills, qualifications and personal attributes needed to succeed in accounting and finance roles. More importantly, we’re incredibly passionate about connecting qualified individuals with the right organizations, and our commitment and attention to detail shine throughout our vetting and review process, and through each quality candidate we recommend to a particular role or company. It’s not just our knowledge and experience in accounting and finance - which, for the record, we believe surpasses that of almost any other recruiting company in Canada - but our commitment and thoroughness that consistently go above and beyond what candidates and employers have experienced with other recruiting companies.

Choose the Right Recruiting Firm To Suit Your Needs

At AHK Accounting Recruiters, we put a tremendous amount of effort into reviewing and vetting each candidate we meet with, and into each organization we work with and the role that they’re looking to fill. We know how much wasted time can go into the recruiting process, which is why we’re so passionate about the quality of our work, and its ability to save your organization valuable time and resources.

From the candidates’ perspective, there’s very few things more disappointing than interviewing for a job you’re not qualified for, or interested in pursuing. We’ve spoken with candidates who have spent days or weeks pursuing what they thought might have been a dream job, only to realize quickly in the interview that that’s not the case. We know just how disappointing this can be, but also that it can hamper that candidates’ performance in future interviews as well, which is why our vetting and review leads to recommendations towards only the jobs that are the best fit for that particular individual. Unlike other recruiting companies, we also take into candidates’ personalities and career goals as well. One thing we find that can consistently lead to disconnect between candidates and employers is expectations regarding cultural fit, growth opportunities and professional development. These are rarely stated on a resume or on a job listing, so this is where interviews in our experience can often go awry. That’s why we spend so much time getting to know the candidates and the employers that we work with, to bridge this gap better than anyone else in the recruiting industry.

Personalized Interviews and Assessments from AHK Accounting Recruiters

A younger, entry level employee may be looking for professional development opportunities more than anything, and may not be attracted to a new, vibrant startup - and that’s OK. Often Times standard recruitment companies identify certain pairings that may seem like a perfect fit, on paper, when in reality it’s clear to both the candidate and the employer just a few minutes into the interview that that’s not the case. Similarly, an industry veteran with 20 years of experience may be more comfortable taking an exciting new step in his or her career, and helping that new startup reach their next stage of growth. However, they might not be able to make that connection when they’re reliant on one mainstream website to find all of their job listings. That’s why the personalized interviews and assessments that AHK Accounting Recruiters take pride in can help candidates and employers, not only in finding a wider range of potential fits, but also in finding a candidate or organization with similar wants and needs as them.

Adapt to Changes In The Job Market With AHK

As COVID impacts the job market like never before, it’s incumbent on both job-seeking candidates, and employers to approach their job search in new and innovative ways. Online job listings and video interviews can make the initial connection process seem easier, but in speaking with many candidates and employers, we find that there continues to be inefficiencies in regards to the fit between many candidates and the job listings they find. This is where traditional recruiting companies can sometimes only exacerbate the issue here, with a focus on quantity over quality, and a reliance on data and keyword analysis rather than a thorough vetting. This is where we feel that AHK Accounting Recruiters’ detail-oriented approach and vetting process - in evaluating both candidates, as well as organizations and the roles they seek to fill - only provides more and more value. In a video interview, it can be easy to miss the signs that would deter a candidate or employer from moving further along in the process. Perhaps the candidate might get a better look at the employers offices and employees and realize that their initial impression of the job listing was far different from reality. Alternatively, perhaps the employer might not be able to get to know the candidate to the extent that they’d like, due to technical mishaps, audio issues or other miscommunications. All of these possibilities increase the need for a more thorough, detailed vetting process, before time is spent on an interview that may be of no value to either party. Or worse, these differences may only become clear once the candidate is a few days, weeks or even months into their new role with the employer.

Take the Next Step Of Your Career With The Experienced Recruiters

As the job market shifts towards more flexible work environments, and qualified, talented candidates look to take the next step in their careers, it’s important for both parties to be cognizant and aware of what’s out there. We find that run-of-the-mill recruiting companies continue to struggle in regards to the quality of their candidates and listings, and that many candidates are not always aware of the perfect fit that’s waiting for them. Similarly, we find that the standard data and keyword analysis that larger recruiting companies rely on continues to gather a similar, uninspiring group of candidates, with a lack of updates reflective of the current environment.

Why Choose AHK Accounting Recruiters?

At AHK Accounting Recruiters, our years of experience, and our passion and detail-oriented vetting process continue to exceed both our candidates and employers expectations, in particular since COVID has impacted the professional world. You can learn more about how our thorough approach towards recruitment addresses the candidates we vet, or the employers we work with below. Or, you can contact us or give us a call to hear from us about our passion for what we do, and how we can help you grow. You can also see our current job listings right here. If you’re looking to improve your organization’s capabilities, and finally find the right fit for you, then it’s time to contact AHK Accounting Recruiters today!

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